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Christmas Ornaments

In an effort to understanding the wellness journey, one must initially examine their own life and what it entails to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Spa Pool

About Us

The Essence of Wellness encompasses the mind, body, and home. We believe the ultimate source of health and wellness is often determined by routines, habits and overall lifestyle. We all experience some level of stress, however the manner in which we handle the stress triggers determines our health, wellness and happiness. We have created several eco-friendly ways to aid in gaining higher levels of health and wellness. Health and wellness is a process.

Trust the process!


Red Blossom

Hope M.

The fresh start smells so clean! If you like laundry type of scents, you'll LOVE this! I can't wait to try the DIFFUSER!

Heart Shape Confetti

Regina J.

I got the Amber Butter scent for my husband but I knew as soon as I smelled it, I would need my own!

Red Frames and Ribbons

Harry T.

The fact that you are able to  get a size to carry in a bag, your car or just have in your home is incredible. I have bought 3 scents so far and I will continue to support.

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